Pretty as a picture, it’s May 7th, nearing winter and I’m lucky enough to live under this fantastic sky, not a cloud to be seen and I just love it. It’s Sydney and it’s absolutely fabulous. It’s a beautiful city with a harbour you’d be happy to drown in. There are parks everywhere and more than 70 beaches along the coastline. Not everyone here is wealthy and I, like many others, have to live within a budget. Depending on the location of your accommodation this can be done even if there is a little pain. You cover the basics and the rest is made up by enjoyable times with family and friends. With the natural beauty and the arts and entertainment scene you’ve got a city where you will never get bored. I really love the relaxed and friendly community of Dolls Point where I live and I never tire of walking along the edge of the bay or going fishing.


©  2009

Follow these Wikipedia and other links and see for yourself.

Sydney Opera House

Harbour Bridge,

its beaches.,_New_South_Wales


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