Tonight was our night out in the city. Our destination was dinner at Café Sydney. The café is situated in the heart of the city skyline at the Quay. We had booked a table on the low-lit outdoor terrace knowing we would be surrounded by some of the most stunning views of Sydney harbour. We were not disappointed. As the night advanced a small agreeable breeze drifted across the terrace but  this was no problem because soft rugs thoughtfully supplied by the café ensured that the warmth of the moment did not escape. Our wine was beautiful and our meals were fresh and superbly cooked. We laughed, talked and ate, thoroughly enjoying ourselves in the process. It was fantastic because for the last few months we had saved and looked forward to this night and at the end of it we knew we had definitely created a memory. It never hurts to indulgence oneself especially in the company of cherished friends.


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     image of café borrowed from café sydney site


One thought on “SYDNEY IS FABULOUS

  1. A wonderful experience, the food, the view, the company!!! Wish I could eat there every night. Sydney Harbour is absolutely fabulous!!!!

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