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Yes I’m at the café again. I’m going over my research and I have come to the conclusion that  my site, simple and easy information,  must have an overall theme. I’m going to focus on “advice on making and keeping your money.” I’m settling on that because amongst  other things my motivation for the blog and the development of the site in the first place was to make money. Also it’s an area in which I have some expertise. 

Who’s interested in making more money?

Those folk who searched money, earn money, work at home, business opportunities, online money, affiliate programs and any other searches with other words are my target audience. I’ll never get to know them all because there were over 45 million global searches on those keywords in April alone.

My product will focus on the best and easiest information on how to make and invest money. I will not be selling information on how to make money on the internet because I don’t know how to do that. I will be using the web as an adjunct to my current consultancy practice and therefore be able to use it to promote those activities. That’s why my strong suggestion is that you use your current knowledge, skills and interests and you’ll have a better chance of success.

Every one has an interest or a skill that can be exploited and sold. Take an inventory of your skills and passions and see what kind of information about your topic, expertise or passion you could turn into a lifetime stream of income. Just concentrate on that specialisation and learn how to market it.

It’s true that in capitalism the more money you have, the easier it is to make money, and the less money you have, the harder it is. So for me to invest $100 on the internet and turn it into $110 is going to be hard work but if I can do that I will, within a year or so, be able to turn $5,000 into $25,000.  Remember to make money in any business is difficult whether it be here in the worldly space, in cyber space or outer space for that matter.

How did I come to the conclusion as to what product?

  • Making money is a core human desire or need
  • I have had over 40 years experience in lecturing and advising clients on taxation, financial and small business matters and have published books, papers and magazines on various information topics.
  • Next, the net is a newer and better way to provide solutions for this need, and
  • Lastly perhaps a new way to market to this desire for financial security is to show consumers the benefit of having an understanding of financial matters so they can, to an extent, control their financial destiny. Give them knowledge and understanding and they will have confidence in dealing with their financial issues.

The current collapse of the financial markets which has so hurt the small investor was in some part due to the very high level of trust put in external advisers. In the future the well informed information “haves” will be better equipped than the “have-nots” to protect their hard earned nest egg.

Some retirees I talk with say they can’t afford to live as long as they planned so maybe I’ll have a section dealing with how to live longer and do it within a budget or ..maybe how to be happy with the money you have or ..maybe….well I’ll just keep having ideas that could profitably expand my site.

But what really made me focus on the making money theme?

As I said I was having a hard day at the local café when a flock or gang of pigeons attacked the tables and tried to make off with some of my lunch. I went for the coffee, he went for the hot chips, and we both knew this wasn’t going to end with a friendly discussion. I threw my note book at him and he and his friends flew off dropping the chips in the process. By the time I regained my composure the chips were coated in dirt and had been on the ground too long for me to put them in my mouth and eat them.

It should have ended there, but it didn’t. The waitress came over and gave me solace, explaining that they, the pigeons, had become aggressive of late, adding that it must be the mating season. Being in the frame of mind of making every post a winner and trying to make money where ever possible I told her that I knew a pigeon psychologist who might be able to help. I said it’s most likely a behavioral issue. She left me to finish my coffee.

I got to thinking, what if it really was my problem. How would I fix it? I went straight back to the office and began a search of the net. It was 3.17pm. I noted every step I made even the fact I misspelled the word pigeon as piegons. The big G just googled on and by 3.29 pm I was finished, I had the answer.

It is at this point I must thank the two sites I crawled through namely

They are both great sites and I would like to have built either of them. I was however mildly interested in the wide rang of issues these sites dealt with and refer you to some topics of note.


And from

I finally chose the answer that it is best to clean up grains and other sources of food and this should reduce the pigeon population, since pigeons are scavengers. For the café, which is outdoors and near a park, this might mean sweeping the surrounds of the tables and ensuring tables are cleared of food scraps as soon as the patrons leave.

Perhaps leave some grain in the park at a distance from the café and change the pigeons’ habits. Better to keep the patrons happy than the pigeons. Remember with psychologist the answer is always NLP or No Little Pigeons.

The free advice from this adventure

Determine something unique you have to sell and already have an understanding of the customers who will buy that product or service. Find the market that will pay money for your skills and knowledge. It goes without saying if you have no skills it’s going to be difficult.

One of the ways to find out about your potential customers is to be a customer yourself. Find out who is already supplying information or services in your field, how do they communicate their message, what’s absent from their service that you can provide and then build your advantage around the difference.

Remember don’t be intimidated just get started and you don’t have to be a big corporation to succeed. You just have to be great at marketing and that’s a story for another day.


(c) 2009 simple and easy information



  1. Yes I agree with you totally, the franchisee or affiliate process can be like a rotating door from which you are inevitably flung out of, sometimes with nothing in hand.

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