susans flatAs I stand in the doorway and say goodbye I feel a little sad. This space has been my refuge, my sanctuary for a time.

As I close the door for the last time I feel I am leaving a part of me in the tiny flat.  The walls have stood like silent sentinels watching me sleep,

Watching me laugh and watching me cry. These walls have met my friends and stood listening. While we gossiped and giggled shared our secrets and the meaning of life.

These walls have watched my movies and listened to my music. They have kept me warm and dry in winter, and cool in summer. The windows and balcony have provided lovely views of mountains, sea and sunsets.

 Now it is time to move on and get to know a new place, absorb new energies, have new adventures.  My sadness is only temporary and as I turn to walk away I let go with love and good wishes for the new tenants who will erase my energy and make my place their home.


(C) 2009 written by Zoe


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