I have a friend staying with me for the weekend. Unfortunately it’s been raining with a minimum temperature of 16c. We’ve been talking a lot and I got around to showing him my blog and explaining my desire to use the internet to provide additional income.

His question was. Is this real? Followed by, how can you make money there are too many people doing it already? We all know there is always competition. In the end competition is more about the choices your customers have rather than the number of suppliers.

I told him, it’s like when he comes to Sydney, no matter how crowded it is, there’s always room for one more, even if it is on an inflatable air-bed in the lounge room.

Everyone has competition, and that’s not so bad because without it the market doesn’t exist. The problem with the internet is that like the pump up bed, you haven’t made it yourself nevertheless you’re the one that has to sleep in it. 

By that I mean that the internet has it own rules and to make a living you need to know how to market in that medium. You have to master the skill of getting your web site known and that’s by the effective use of keywords to attract the thousands of people who daily search for information. 

What is a key word? A keyword is any word you might type into a search engine to find a web site. Search engines look to match up strings of letters against other strings of letters and they are known as ‘keywords’. The search engine uses keywords in its search for relevant web pages. 

There are some very smart operators out there who have already made the transition into the internet and are already savvy in the area of keywords, so yes the competition is hot, but tell me where it isn’t. I have come across some very usable online help on the subject of keywords that is well written and easy to understand. When I get my site up and running I’ll attempt to affiliate with them. If you need to know about keywords and can’t wait, contact me and I’ll pass the link on to you now. The skill in keywords is essential but is a separate issue to marketing. 

But back to my conversation with my friend, I reminded him that after being in business for many years he would have the email addresses of hundreds, maybe thousands of qualified prospects. Whilst sending out emails to people you don’t know and expecting them to buy your product or service is somewhat over optimistic, it is a fantastic medium to extract increased profits from the existing best customers. He agreed saying that if he segmented his list he would have groups with common interests. This is a great start and I’m going to help him get started. 

As with all business big or small you have to give the recipients of the email a reason to buy from you rather than the thousands of other possibilities that exist and give them a reason to take action now. So you can see the two things you have to be good at is attracting traffic and making a sale. Practice these two skills and you’re well on your way.  

If you can be seen as a trusted resource as well as being easy to do business with you will have online success. 

The market research my friend could obtain from emailing his list could help him discover an unfulfilled need in the market and hence an opportunity. This market research would no doubt also be of great assistance with the development of his keyword strategy. 

So there is always room for one more but be prepared to set aside a budget for your internet presence, look for incremental sales from current clients and then expand into the WWW to attract new customers to your web site.



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