It’s lunch time and I’m on my way out to find something to eat. My stomach sends a message to my brain “food needed.” The brain begins to respond. A wave of happiness washes over me.


Pictures and words pop into the vacant space. Taste sensations begin, words formulate and the search commences.


The eyes see bream fillets, fish and chips, salmon, BBQ octopus, perch, and flathead. The brain settles on BBQ prawns on skewers. Ok, I now understand what keywords are and how they work. 


My brain, the search engine, is looking to match up strings of letters and words in my head against other strings of letters and words in street advertising. While the rest of us have been calling them billboards I now call them keyboards.


The key thought is, keep the message consistent and don’t overload with irrelevant words. Go straight for the stomach. Make keywords your hobbie and you’ll make money.


(c) 2009 simple and easy information


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