The shores of Australia have over 30,000 kilometres of clean white golden sand so there exists unlimited opportunities to leave your individual mark. It may be that your efforts are brushed away by the wind and the tide but at least you have made a fleeting impression and isn’t that what life’s about.

Peter Donnelly is an artist who has been creating large artworks out of sand and you can see some of his art here.

Beach out and touch us, get out and give it a go.



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 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The coastline of the Australian mainland stretches more than 30,000 km. With the addition of all the coastal islands this amounts to more than 47,000 km. The coastal landscape ranges from broad sandy beaches to rocky cliffs and mangrove swamps. A beach can be defined as a stretch of sand longer than 20 metres and remaining dry at high tide. Based on this definition, the Coastal Studies Unit at the University of Sydney has counted 10,685 beaches in Australia.


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