hume highway pics 030

Until recently I regularly drove up and down the Hume Highway, to and from Melbourne, in the course of my business.

After several trips, my car seemed to know the way, the scenery became over-familiar and I then began to look to other dimensions to pass the time.

It wasn’t long before the clouds became company. Mountainous shapes proudly sliding across a great blue waste in a never ending parade.

Sometimes gathering proudly to display the crimson art of sunset, other times announcing the drama of an approaching storm, often formed by turbulent thermals into obvious shapes for my imagination to decipher.

At times the white line ribbon of the highway seemed to lead me into the sky and my head amongst the clouds.   …

 Mal K.

 hume highway pics 033

 How to drive and watch the sky –

It may not be safely done

So I stop to take a picture

For posterity and fun!

© Arlene McNair. 2009


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