Unfortunately due to the global financial crisis my sponsors are unable to support my participation in this year’s Tour de France . I will however be taking part in the lesser known event the Tour de Sans Souci.

Some say that it is the same bike photographed three times but that is not true. These are the three identical bikes I will ride during the arduous 2009 Tour de Sans Souci.

This year’s race will visit a total of six suburbs Sans Souci, Sandringham, Dolls Point, Ramsgate, Monterey and Brighton Le Sands. Yes that’s postcodes 2216, 2217 and 2219

Running from Saturday July 4th 2009 to Saturday July 4th 2009, the 1st Tour de Sans Souci will be made up of 15 gruelling stages and will cover a total distance of 9.7 kilometres.

 These demanding 15 stages have the following profiles:

  • 7 flat stages,
  • 4 coffee stages,
  • 1 beach rest stage,
  • 2 individual time-trial stages,
  • 1 team time-trial stage.

The tour will push off, after a coffee, from Steve’s Cafe at Peter Depena Park in Dolls Point (2219) which is a small southern suburb of Sydney about 17km south of the City.

It will then make its way through this friendly neighbourhood up Russell Avenue to the small group of shops located at the intersection of Clareville Avenue. There the tour will make a left hand turn and head through the quiet residential streets towards Sandringham passing the grocery shop, the chemist, the hairdresser but not café. We have ridden 500 metres by now and will be in need of refreshments. The first stopping point will be the Cherish Café.

The tour will continue along Clareville Ave right down to Riverside Drive and all the way to the Cook Park. The tour then returns along the bike path that borders the beach which stretches from Sandringham Bay to Dolls Point.

The next stage will see the peloton arriving at Ramsgate Beach and from there they will ride to Bar Amalfi for a rest and a coffee. We are now 16 kilometers south of the city of Sydney and in the heart of post code 2217

After a short break the tour will continue along the bay side bike path at Lady Robinson Beach and Cook Park from Ramsgate (2217) to Monterey (2217) and finally arriving at Brighton le Sands (2216).

The beach rest stage will then be taken accompanied by a lazy, sunny brunch and coffee at the Brighton Kiosk on the water’s edge at Botany Bay. The tour will make its way back to the finish line at the Peter Depena Reserve.

Look out for Newsletter 5 which will provide more exciting information as the race day draws closer.

 The list of confirmed riders is as follows.

Lance Armstrong,  Harry Handlebar,  Daisy Chain,  Tim Tyre,  Court Racing

Northern Bell,   Anna Spanner,  Dennis Downhill,  Pat Puncture,  Carlos Sastre

Ian Innatube,  Bruced Balls,  Fred Frame,  Steve Spoke,  Terry Tube

Vince Valve,  Fiona Fork,  Alberto Contador,  Phillip Pump.  Walter Bottle

Colin Cogg,  Gary Grip,  Denis Menchov,  Peter Peddle,  Citon Seat

Bazza Brake.  Ben Biker,  Ronnie Rack




(c) 2009 simple and easy information



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