by the bay 8 29 june

It’s Sunday and another superb day by the bay. I decided to put the rod in the back of the car, get a few fresh banana prawns from the local supermarket and head for the bay to do a little fishing.


As usual I didn’t catch any fish which has one advantage in that I haven’t yet had to learn how to gut and scale them. But I guess that will come later.


I pulled out the N95 and took a few sea and sky pictures. The sky is pale blue, partly cloudy and the air is temperature is about 18c. The water temperature is 20c so I’m standing in it up to my knees, it’s just fantastic and it’s mid–winter.


The clouds were all there, long ones, fat ones, wispy ones. Some were standing still, others slowly floating by and still others , racing along up high.


A few big fellers were hanging off the coast  waiting to see if they could cause some trouble later in the afternoon.


I spent a good few hours casting the rod and retrieving my bait which I finally gave to a seagull.


I can tell you it’s a pretty relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon in winter.


by the bay 9 29 june


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