by the bay 92 29 june

Plants like this little guy are the first colonisers of a new area and they have to adapt to a combination of wind exposure, drought, salty conditions and sand lacking humus or nutrients. When you look closely at the sand it’s really barren, I don’t know how these plants survive. I decided to look into the matter further.

Our local council had this to say on their site about foreshore regeneration. The process by which plant communities create conditions allowing new species to invade is called ecological succession. This helps to establish a new coastline and enables other vegetation and associated animal communities to settle there.

 I did a “Google” about sand and asked the following:

 Question is sand a living thing?

Answer No, it is a mineral

 Filled with the wonder of science and research  I asked another:

 Question is dirt a living thing?

Answer this question has not been answered yet.

A note on the same page said.

“I know he made man from Clay but, I can’t remember reading that about the animals and plants, I think he spoke those things into existence but either way, he is the reason it all goes back to dust and dirt”

Anyway I did see that the Council won an award in 2006 and this is an extract of the presentation.

Litter Prevention Award – Lady Robinson’s Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

This award recognises outstanding accomplishment in litter prevention, management and education. Lady Robinson’s Beach is located along the western shore of Botany Bay.

 “    Dogs are prohibited on the beach and are to be on leash on the foreshore at all times. The beach and its surrounds are cleaned daily. Graffiti and chewing gum are removed within hours of their detection. The council’s gum removal machine (which was imported from Italy) uses high-pressure hot water and is the only one of its type in use in Australia.”

 I feel a lot better now. I can’t imagine how bad chewing gum and sand are when they are mixed together. I feel a lot safer that our beach has the only gum removal machine in Australia.


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