fishing with friends


I recently, mid-July, joined a popular site called ‘experience project’. In the few weeks I’ve been visiting I have met new friends and have a small ‘circle’ that I chat to. It’s lots of fun.

Anyway as they are becoming part of my daily life I decided to click them out of the cyber world and take them fishing by the bay. I downloaded the avatar for each friend and gathered them on an A4 and set off for a morning fishing.

The trouble with A4 friends is that the slightest breeze sends them all over the beach. Needless to say they were a bit of a distraction and I spent most of my time making sure they didn’t drown. They are worse than kids.

Tonight I’m taking them to the football. I’ve worked out I’m saving a fortune. There are 9 of them and as I don’t have to buy tickets or beers for them a night at the football will cost me about $50 for the 10 of us. I’m all for cyber friends. I think I’ll throw a party for 100 next weekend.


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