These noisy visitors are sulphur-crested Cockatoos. As you can see they are a large white parrot with a distinctive sulphur-yellow crest and a yellow wash on the underside of the wings.

They can become a pest around urban areas, where they use their powerful bill to destroy timber decking and panelling on houses.  They also trash my flowers I grow on the deck.

That’s nature for you.


7 thoughts on “VISITORS

  1. Hi X
    I got this from Wikki. Now you mention it, you don’t hear them in the night, I guess they’re daybirds.

    “Their distinctive raucous call can be very loud; it is meant to travel through the forest environments in which they live, including tropical and subtropical rainforests. These birds are naturally curious, as well as very intelligent. They are very long-lived, and can live upwards of 70 years in captivity, although they only live to about 20–40 years in the wild.

    A 2009 study found that Sulphur-crested Cockatoos are capable of synchronizing movements to a musical beat.”


      I think I might want one now.. since they’re “very intelligent.” I want a smart pet =)

      You should find a way to lure one into your house and send it my way, muahaha.

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