I have spent my first evening back in the “Great City” after being under the effect of images, colours and emotions summoned up by the calm and peaceful time I had up north.

I am not truly thinking but am letting myself be wrapped in the flame coloured coastal sunrise that smoldered just enough to spark a fire within.


7 thoughts on “OLD KID IN TOWN

  1. Blazing luminous terracotta light! I can almost feel the organic warmth pour over my face stirring up the heat within.
    A truly beautiful photograph Sean!

  2. Thanks so much V, missed you too. The ‘blazing’ look was aided by smoke from fires in the hinterland. The early morning sky was orange as.

    • I’m sorry about the fires in the hinterland. They are battling huge fires in Southern California right now. So sad!
      By the way, how did you know that I sign “V” on all my letters to my family?
      Never mind…that was silly …you are family!

      • Hi, Iwas shocked to see on the news that 2 firefighters have lost their lives and that thousands of homes are at risk.

        It seems to happen every summer, surely there is some long term strategy that can avoid these events. I agree it is so sad.

  3. From what I understand, the “strategy” is to do controlled fires. But the underbrush is so dense now, its become a huge risk to the surrounding areas. The fires are a natural part of that ecosystem…unfortunately, people built their homes in the path of nature and its apparent history!
    Something to think about I guess.
    And yes, very sad two firefighters have lost their lives!

      • Me too. I just talked to my Dad who lives up in Northern California in the foothills, told me that a mile from his place, 66 homes went up in flames in about an hour yesterday! Yes…its scary and oh so sad for all those folks!

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