my lounge room

This is the lounge room where I entertain guests, read, watch TV and have afternoon naps. I see the day bed, the sofa, the plants and the coffee table but I never notice the walls or the ceiling because the outdoors is an extension to the room. It is a place of comfort and safety where I can rest.

It has a nice homely feel where the traveler-friend can easily become a ‘house-friend’. There’s a pump-up air bed for guests who wake to the call of the birds, the greenness of the trees and the early morning sunshine. This is so relaxing that it can influence your emotions,  your overall health and set your attitude for the day.


7 thoughts on “A PLACE OF COMFORT

  1. Just beautiful ! I love to see where people live and their environments and surroundings. So which sofa is the nap sofa?

    So when Timm and I come to visit, he gets the blow up bed…I’ll take the “nap sofa” Ha!

    Thank you for sharing your personal space!

    Hugs !

  2. Hi Ronelle, I do a pretty good coffee….sometimes I used just a little honey to add sweetness and a unique flavour that goes through the whole cup………and when I’m thinking of comfort and I’m thinking of food I think of that childhood food ‘Cinnamon Toast’ (Pain Perdu)

    It’s great during the cold months especially with a steaming mug of hot chocolate ….it’s one of my favourites.

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