b an w houseThis gorgeous house is just around the corner from where I live. It is in a stunning position overlooking the Bay.

I don’t know the people who live there but from my balcony I can see the birds that fly in each day to be fed.

Everything about this house is black and white. There is even one black car and one white car. Our tradition would say the colours black and white depict opposites, or maybe the highest level of contrast or good verses evil or day as against night.

For some reason I have always wanted to say hello to the owners but have never had the gumption to knock on their front door. I walk or ride past there most days but what would we have in common? I’m a blue person and have over 20 blue T-shirts to prove it. Most of my friends are brown, purple, red or multi coloured people and some are even striped. 

Perhaps this black and white thing might be something of a misnomer. I don’t feel the same about green and cream or red and cream or aqua and yellow. I should be brave enough to introduce myself, after all they are neighbours. 

I’m involved in a dilemma in which only two alternatives are possible, it’ll turn out all good or all bad. I’m starting to realise that my problem is that I think in extremes when in fact may be there are other options. 

bw shoesSo I’ve decided to wrap up these black and white ceramic shoes I’ve had for the last 25 years and take them around to the black and white house. Who knows what might happen?

It could be that as with most things that start out as black and white there’s always the chance they slowly evolve into a full coloured conversation.

I’ll keep you posted.





11 thoughts on “IT’S NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE

  1. go on then “I dare you” to take the shoes to the house and knock on the door and speak to them……by the way…..I know that house…..

  2. even the colours of the blind

    I’m enjoying your blog. Simple concept, consistently executed and replete with your quirky self-expression.

  3. clean and orderly! I love the house with the rounded corners and the black and white striped awning. Quite sophisticated actually!
    Hope you make some new friends with those cute shoes!
    Have fun!

  4. What a lovely blog and what a nice way to introduce yourself but I would be very sorry to see those black and white shoes handed over to strangers. They are such a part of you and your apartment – I always check to see if they are still there and would miss them very much

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