City of Sydney Spring Cycle ride on the 27th September 

“I’m pumped and in a spin” is what Harry Handlebar said when asked about his plans to participate in the City of Sydney Spring Cycle ride on the 27th September. Harry had just completed a one hour RPM class at the gym and was looking somewhat exhausted. I asked him was the class difficult and in his usual witty manner he replied “no I just get up the back of the class and follow the girls in front”

Harry went on to say the he would use this tactic on the big day and was confident that with the right amount of encouragement he expected to once again finish on top or at least in the top ten. He was however, a bit worried about the start where waves containing thousands of cyclists who will want to be first to race down and cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge may cause a pile up.

The organizers told us that participants will be riding from North Sydney to Homebush a distance of some 40kms. Harry Handlebar who is the President and founder of Cyber Riders Club will be accompanied by the clubs’ spoke person for the event Shell ‘Aflete’ Booker.

She said “Harry is so thoughtful he will be taking the cycavatar photos of members of the club who can’t make the ride and they will be up front sitting in his carry basket” She then added “He’s so wonderful isn’t he”

Current club membership

  • HON PATRON  and Hon Life Member   KYLIE
  • Harry Handlebar member no 1
  • Daisy Chain member no 2 
  • Tim Tyre member no 3
  • Court Racing member no 4 
  • Northern Bell member no 5 
  • Anna Spanner member no 6 
  • Dennis Downhill member no 7 
  • Pat Puncture member no 8 
  • Ian Innatube member no 9
  • Bruced Balls member no 10
  • Shell ‘Aflete’ Booker member no 11

The following information is from the official site

 bike map



From St Leonards Park, Ride North Sydney takes you across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on designated traffic free lanes – a special treat only available for the City of Sydney Spring Cycle. From the world famous “Coathanger”, riders pedal into Sydney’s historic old town quarter at The Rocks, through the City, heading down to Darling Harbour before arriving at the first water stop at Pyrmont Point Park. Be sure to take a moment to relax, take in the view of the Harbour from this lovely little park and replenish those fluids.

Back on your bike and it’s across the historic Old Glebe Island Bridge, which is opened especially for the City of Sydney Spring Cycle. Pedal along James Craig Road past the heritage fleet and super yachts in Rozelle Bay; then turn the handlebars westward along Lilyfield Road and onto tucked-away cycle paths along Hawthorne Canal. You will find yourself travelling through the backstreets of Haberfield where you can appreciate some of Sydney’s old world charm in the traditional federation architecture. Riding along Timbrell Drive make sure you soak up the beauty of the Bay and Iron Cove.

After passing through Five Dock Park your ride continues to meander through the leafy backstreets of Five Dock and Concord. Next stop is Brays Bay Reserve, site of your major Rest Stop: a great spot to stop, take a breather and enjoy a drink and some light food. From here, riders travel across Ryde Bridge, over the Parramatta River and onwards to Meadowbank. The route then links up with the John Whitton Bridge, a redesigned bridge with cycleway, and on through Rhodes Waterside, one of Sydney’s newest public foreshore spaces.

 With much anticipation it’s time to enter Bicentennial Park, which was created to celebrate Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988. These cycle paths bring you through the parklands where you can have fun splashing around in the Park’s interactive water features – perfect on a hot day!

Riding predominantly on cycle paths, the route will take you on a magical journey through part of Sydney Olympic Park’s 425 hectares of parklands extending from Homebush Bay to the Parramatta River. You will be surprised at the Park’s immense natural beauty as you pass through some of Sydney’s most important woodlands and wetland ecosystems. As you pedal through Wentworth Common keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for the Green and Golden Bell Frog as well as several species of waterbirds and insect-eating birds.

All members of the club are looking forward (over the handlebars) to paticipating in the ride. For safety reasons please remain seated.



  1. Thanks for taking me on the ride. I promise to remain seated. As for the spin class….nothing has changed I see you really are in the back following the girls. Enjoy the journey:)

  2. Wow, I got tired just reading about the race! Hand me a bottled water please?
    My daughter goes to a spinning class…she’s completely wet from head to toe when its over! I’m there at the gym to hand her a towel for support and encouragement!
    I ride my bike on the street…the spinning classes scare me! 🙂

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