cloud tears 


Rain Rain go away

Rain is liquid

Rain is wet

Rain is never dry

Rain was an ocean, a river or a stream

Rain can wreck a perfectly good dream.

Tears Tears go away

Tears are liquid

Tears are wet

Tears are never dry

Tears are emotions, sorrow or elation

Tears can wreck a perfectly good dream.

Rain and tears are not the same

Even if they are not the same I feel better after both

So maybe I’ll stand out in the rain and cry

Then I’ll really feel happy.


Here is my poem about tears,s it is inspired by yours  in the blog.


Tears form in my eyes

They well up and overflow

They roll down my cheeks

Like fat raindrops

They have a story to tell

They say many things

They say “I’m happy”

They say “I’m sad”

They say “I’m laughing til I cry”

They say “I’m afraid”

Joy Sorrow Laughter and Fear

These are the stories behind my tears


Submitted by Daisy Chain


5 thoughts on “CLOUD TEARS

  1. The poem and the photo are a good mix–nice work. We live in an ancient river plain and have become spoiled at the number of rainbows that form in an open field behind our house.

    I never get tired of looking at them or glancing around for that pot of gold.

  2. Someone said to me of late how they feel so uninspired by pictures as poem writing prompts. While I find only delight and ease for the most, and especially when so lovely as you do here – over and over again. But then, your writing too Sean I do like to read. A very welcome place for me.

    Thank you for making me feel so at home.

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