bronte beach

Bronte is a small beach but one of my favourites. My friend David lives one street back from the beach and has a fantastic view over the ocean.

Bronte is set between sandstone headlands and it’s the perfect place to relax. It has everything a beach needs to have: water, sand and sun.

David’s not too well at the moment and has to go into hospital on Thursday. I’m worried. We spent an hour or so together and before going back to work I decide to escape the agitated, spur-of-the-moment, world and spend some leisurely time watching the waves beat upon the sand.

bronte surf foam

Like life when the slope gets too steep breaking is inevitable and that’s how it is with waves. They spill, they roll, they plunge, they dump, they surge and then they collapse into a white salty foam which runs up the beach grabbing at the feet of the swimmers.

bronte surf

I fix my eyes on a large wave out the back and follow it to the shore. I’m at the edge of a massive global interconnected body of salt water. The world and life is so incredible yet so easy to take for granted. 

I pick up a shell to take a little part of Bronte home with me. As I’m blogging this post I have the shell to my ear and wonder how can this be? I can hear the ocean inside the shell.

Perhaps it proves that whatever comes and goes in our world fond memories will always be a whisper in the seashells of our mind. You just  need to take the time to listen.



  1. Nadezhda,

    I watch them all the time each one is so different..when all around is in a rush the waves are in slow motion and the world fades into yesterday.

  2. I needed seeing this tonight! Thank you Sean. I miss the sea, the shoreline too. Not so far, but far enough. Like your images here, no matter how we focus on the waves so close, I still see and feel the water passing far and deep – forever on a human scale. That makes me feel better, more than small.

    “fond memories will always be a whisper in the seashells of our mind”, beautifully said Sean. Beautiful.

    And a close friend of mine has a serious wellness issue in her family right now too. I do my best, but what she feels, I also do. And a prayer you have for your friend David this day from me.

    Thank you for the bright and blue!

  3. Thanks Neil , your comment about “fond memories” made me think again and I did a quick edit realizing that these “fond memories” are just whispers of the past. (Thanks for the mental prompt.)

    And thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers for my friend David, he needs all he can get.

  4. Sean,

    I so enjoy your photographs….but even more the progressive unfolding of your heart within your postings.

    Like Neil….I too loved the line….
    “Whisper in the shell of our mind”….
    You are an emerging poet my friend!

    Looking forward to your reflective thoughts.
    I pray your friend recovers well.

    Missed you and glad to be back online.

    Loving Hugs !

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