scene of near mishapTHE SCENE OF THE NEAR MISHAP 

Well you can run but apparently you can’t hide on the WWW. In the posting “smooth sailing” I recalled an event where I was deserted by my 1st mate when we lost the wind whilst trying to sail under this bridge. He jumped over board. That was 50 years ago.

The web being what it is, the 1st mate has tracked me down. This is what he has to say about the 1960’s incident.

 Captain and 1st mate

 The Captain (left ) and the 1st mate (right) enjoy a coffee near the scene of the infamous incident of the early 1960’s.

footnote: the sailors met when they were aged 4 at kindergarten and still meet, along with two  mates Dennis and Ian to celebrate  birthdays.  They are soon 62.  

 From: Patrick McCourt

Sent: Friday, 9 October 2009 2:36 PM
To: ‘Sean Fraser’
Man Overboard

Sean,…. Sorry Captain Sean, 

I had not seen the blog – amazing how I have sent the clipping today. It is a good article on your blog. You will note – your clipping on your blog, has year 1983 written on it by you.

Whereas mine, that I emailed you, does not show the year! Finally I have been recognised on your blog. I am now world famous; you could have at least given me a surname – hi Patrick McCourt?

 Your Quote

“I used to sail around these waters when I was a kid and had many adventures including one where the 1st mate jumped overboard and swam ashore (hi Patrick).  I’m sure this proves I’m a good captain because I stayed with the boat”.

 My Memory

And, you could have told the true story! I [Patrick McCourt] jumped overboard to lighten the boat, as you could not find any wind to sail the boat under the bridge. One may argue; this questions your captaincy abilities?

 Kind Regards

Patrick J McCourt MOB (Man over Board) 


Reply from Captain and Blogmaster. (I feel so full of power)

Dear, Jump over board man, sorry Patrick McCourt,

Many say a good Captain would have thrown you over board to make the boat lighter. I was not so callous.

In fact if it gets out that I didn’t throw you overboard my reputation might be tarnished. I guess now, 50 years on, I can see your fearful action was indeed a gesture of gallantry.

My blog ..my memory wins….see you in Sydney on the 24th.


4 thoughts on “2nd UPDATE TO SMOOTH SAILING

  1. Captain Sean! It has a certain charm!

    More great story and pictures Sean. I confess of late I visit more than comment as much. But I still come round to see and read! Busy busy me, writing more of late. Seven poems for seven days, plus more! Then add everything else.

    But I love the sea, the skies, and boats. Yes, sailing boats especially. Some while back I used to rent 22 or 23 foot keel boats out of Santa Cruz harbor. No motors (for rental safety), so you really had to be a sailor, not just the easy stuff, but in and out of the narrow harbor too! Great sport! Once got to co-sail with friends from Monterey down the California coast to Santa Barbara! Out of sight of land, sailing too through the dark of night, dodging the freight vessels. Don’t think I ever in my life felt so physically centered and balanced as then. (Sadly time and rising insurance rates pushed the rental company out of that enterprise.)

    Always some shy about small centerboard boats, like maybe you’ve shown here, or cats as well. Water is very cold here – not where I wanna go!

    Great tale too about your man-over-board! Thanks Sean. Visiting here always brightens me!

  2. Hi Neil,
    The man over board has viewed the blog and now feels he is an unselfish hero…….and that’s ok with me.

    I’m not at home at the moment but as soon as I am I get back over to your place to see what’s going on.

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