the bay early monday 12th oct 1

the bay early monday 12 th 2

the bay early monday 12th 3

the bay early monday 12th 4

It may be far-fetched but paying attention to the things around me such as the natural world, a smile, my morning coffee really makes me feel better.

This morning I was at the shore of the bay to welcome these small waves at their journey’s end. They were little, playful and apologetic making sure I didn’t mistake them as a Tsunami.

Some people say it can be the little things that make all the difference. I hope they’re correct. I wouldn’t want to have wasted my time being happy about things that don’t count. Wait there, at least I’m happy.

This philosophical thinking thing is starting to get complicated.



  1. Ha! Miss Vicki’s right, you just be you, that’s a well and fine delight! Much as I refresh myself in your pictures here, this is no first or only time it is as much what you write that pleases me.

    Today being no exception Sean!

    “Some people say”, yep, and I’m one of them. But I suspect you tease and know well enough exactly what you say yourself. Such a dire mistake it would be to be happy, and happy for all the wrong reasons, huh!

    And your pictures here, these small ribbons joining sand and sea, seem close companion to a poem just finished a couple minutes ago. Though I live a little farther than you from the shore, I keep going back there in thought, so often, yes. Why also I like your pictures so much.

    And at your pleasure Sean, offered here is that very poem itself.
    Fisher boy Although sorry, there’s no fish.

  2. Sure thing , partner, the proof is always in the pudding….you do the words and I’ll do the pictures….perhaps an outstanding blend of ingredients

  3. Heh…love this little piece Sean! The hesitant, and then occasionally challenging thoughts…am really loving your philosophical notes. Like Post-its they stick, reminders of who we all are deep-down…and how often our thoughts mingle.

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