phase 4

I’m trying to become famous by conceiving an original word. Really I need two words, one for the sun and one for the moon. 

When Daisy and I were down at the Bay at sunrise or moon rise we would often see a pathway of light streaming towards us on the water. Like the one in this picture. We wanted to run along the beam of light right back up to the sun or the moon. Maybe we just want to return to the medium from which we originated. 

When we moved along the beach the beam followed us. We wondered if a person, say 2 kilometers down the bay, would see the same pathway or a different pathway. 

We then wondered that if 2000 people stood side by side would they all see their own personal pathway and the whole bay is actually lit up but we can’t see it because we can only focus on things from our own perspective. (maybe they could all have a camera)

Anyway I was thinking that if I could create this word for the “pathway of light” I might just solve a whole lot of world issues because we would then have a word for describing how to see things from another’s point of view. 

We could change places on the beach so to say and look at someone else’s pathway of light. 

But upon reflection before I do that I’m going to mark as my territory the spot on the beach where I see my pathway. No one else is going to get what I see. (Unless you’re a blogfriend) 

So what name I can give to that intense column of light that follows me around creating the course of my life and my actions? 

PS I’ve been thinking about this word for over 30 years. 

My attempt at a technical description is. ‘Solar or Luna reflection pathway.’

Latin version: Solar percorso di riflessione or Luna percorso di riflessione


  1. ‘The Scotty Pathway’ as in beam me up. 
  2. Pathway of Reflection. fr Sentier de réflexion.
  3. Cosmiclightway.
  4. The Gammaway.

Phases of the pathway



  1. Ha! Thirty years! Big points for persistence Sean!

    Longing to become “the guru from down unda!”? We already have the Swami from Miami, so why not hop on the wagon! (Pardon my late night humor please.)

    But you made me do it! Someone said, if you’re doing it right, you’ll be smiling. And your posts do do that for me! Good humor leads to good wisdom. How’s that?

    Once they said, there’s a path and you should be careful to remain true to that, not step aside. Then someone else came along to say, there is only one path and all paths are the same. Yet you can only have one point of view at a time. The trick perhaps is to be able to dance back and forth between those point of views.

    Someone else also said, you can’t understand it at all unless you understand it all!

    Thank you Sean for the pictures and observations.

    Leaves on the tree. Tell me which one isn’t so.

    But I like the Latin names! Sounds more impressive that way. How about in Italian? They got a great way with language sounds. Envoicements? There! I made a word!

  2. Well written as always, very philosophical and well thought out. mind you….it has taken you all of 30 years so I expect some quality thinking :-))

  3. I like your thinking with the names. Though I have never experienced the “pathway” that you have photographed, I rank it right up there with seeing a rainbow just about from end to end.

    Keep up the good work.

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