hog and piglett

I was having a quite coffee thinking about how well I fit into my neighbourhood. Every time I arrive at the café I’m greeted by the staff and they all enquire as to how my day has been. I feel really happy being acknowledged as part of the “gang”.

Some places you go to, just because you’re a stranger, you find yourself practically an outcast. I reckon that a great deal of unhappiness and displeasure can be avoided if you feel you are where you belong.

As you get older finding out where you belong can be a real issue. I often think how very strange it is that I found way into life itself in the first place. Maybe it’s a mistake and I don’t really belong here. Maybe I’m a sleeper alien. Maybe I shouldn’t waste time wondering if I belong or fit in. I haven’t got that much time left.

My mind’s eye is caught by the real-time apparent harmony and discord of  my bike. I realize that perhaps I’m ignoring a most important consideration: life’s not about fitting in it’s about standing out and I’m in the best part of my life and that’s where I belong.


5 thoughts on “I AM WHERE I BELONG

  1. Its nice to live in a place where you fit in, where people know your name and you live in community!

    I have a feeling you’d fit in anywhere! You just have that kind of personality!

    Wish we (our blogger) family could go meet up with you for coffee….how fun would that be?

    Love and Hugs!

  2. You have what everybody is searching for…belonging. We should treasure it the way you do, when we find it. The sad part is that sometimes we only realize we had it, after we’ve lost it! So, enjoy your “gang”!

  3. You put your right arm in,
    You take your right arm out,
    You put your left leg in,
    You take your left leg out…
    And that’s how we do the hokie pokie here!

    I probably got that wrong, but you get the idea, or the playfulness anyway. That too is how I see you Sean. You’re in for the play with all you got!

    A pleasure to hang around with you. And I just discovered the title to your picture there! Ha!!! Very funny Sean! And I agree with Vicki too. I can, or want, only imagine you in a situation where you fit well in (and stand out too!) Your generous heart.

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