kite boarding 6

There is always some action going on down at the Bay. This saturday it was kite boarding.

kite boadring 1

kit boarding 2

kite boarding 3

kite boarding 4

kite boarding 5


4 thoughts on “KITE BOARDING

  1. Dolls Point and Botany Bay – simply beautiful! I so much appreciate all your pictures and stories Sean. Just back from a Google sky-eyed view of your bay. Lovely, and I can easily understand how so many would want to hang out there – sheltered beaches and the bay. How easily we (or me!) adore that kind of place.

    And warm? The water there is fairly warm, isn’t it?

    Confess some kinship with my closer Monterey Bay, basically mostly all open to the sea and whatever whims it cares to impart. But I like that wildness, even if at the cost of cold cold water here. It will quickly turn your toes to blue!

    Oh but yes, the South Seas, a long held fantasy. It does have a certain gravity or pull around these parts!

    • Hi Neil, yes it’s fantastic to swim but at the moment there is still alot of cold water in the bay. This also keeps the bream away so fishing isn’t so good either.
      The warm currents have been coming down the coast for the last 2 weeks and hopefully the warm waters will go right through the bay and improve the bream fishing.
      Anyway it’s always good down by the Bay.

  2. I witnessed kite surfing for the first time in Maui! Now I feel like a part of this!:)
    It was so hard to get a good action shot (partly because I do not have a lens with more zoom), in fact in my pics, all I can see are specks on the sea:)
    The wind must be awfully strong there, right? My impression is that the waters are warmer in Hawaii. Is that right?

    • Hi Juicer,
      Loved your, I mean our Hawaiian holiday, that’s what’s good about blogging you get to tavel.

      My camera is just a small Pentax Optio S55 5mp 3x zoom ( this is written on the side) 4 years old

      In the afternon the wind gets’s funny it can be calm a few hundred metres back from the beach but very windy on the water.

      The summer water temperatures around Sydney is generally around 22 degrees C. I looked up Hawaii and it’s a touch over 23.

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