00909 markets

 008 berry markets

The fresh scent of sauces, vegetables, apples, honey, jams, plants, condiments, cupcakes, brownies, pastries, hot foods and farm-yard animals provides a sniff, sniff, sniff, sensation that lets me know I’m at the country markets. My nose is my brain’s way of telling me what stalls I want to visit. I know what I’m doing. 

My shopper friends however have no such scientific approach and will visit every stall, some twice. They would hate to miss out on something no matter how small or useless. I heard one of them say “this will be great for a Christmas present in 2012” ….that’s three Christmases away!!!….. what the? 

They must fulfil their bargain hunting addiction and I must, whilst looking interested, find the most efficient and shortest way back to the car. Then again I’m a man and they are women, it’s in the DNA.

0088 vegies

0085 shopper

0082 tools

0084 tools

I can see a beautiful little unhandled smoother in amongst this lot. The table is full of  chamfer planes, Stanley scrapers and planes, saws, hammers, chisels, clamps, caliper rules and braces. I’d like to buy a bunch of them but I’m not good with my hands, I don’t know how to use any of them and I don’t have a shed to put them in…..but I’d like a collection of them anyway.

0087 the crowd

               Have a look at those two bears in the middle …. yes the one looking straight at you…what’s he up to?

0086 clothes

 Are these frightful clothes for the little animals above or do real children wear them? …… maybe they’re bath mats? 

00902 portrait painter

                         Ex FBI profile artist.

0081 berry markets

00903 dresses

00904 t-shirts

I love the ever popular  1920s  little black dress but when I came upon this rainbow of t-shirts I can see if you are going to go bold then go  colourfully bold.  Maybe you’ll catch your man with a dazzling flash of colour it works for me with my fishing lures so it will probably work for you.

00905 peg bucket

00906 dolls

00907 dolls

00908 toys

 Australia was first settled in late 1700’s and I think this market has collected something from every garage sale held since then. Here’s a short list of what was on offer.

Fresh and preserved flowers, local produce, recycled timber products, timber and hand-knitted toys, peg baskets, christmas decorations, Halloween witches, various native and cottage plants, handmade cane and twine baskets, fashion accessories, antiques, artwork, portrait painters, books, clothing, fruit, fresh vegetables, furniture, second-hand dolls, toys and CD’s and as of course, as Jan and Joan pointed out, the world’s biggest and best sausage roll with chilli sauce.

00913 corn cob child

Every market shopper was once a complete beginner. Here’s a little one getting her first day of training. From the time she was in the baby capsule her mother would have shared with her stories of how you shop. She would know what a grocery cart is, she would know that all items must be paid for and she must stand in line patiently and wait until it is your turn to go through the line. She would know, but not understand, how you become invisible when you go to ask assistance from that very rare species, the store employee.

My shopper-friends on the other hand are battle tested veterans. Their modus operandi is simple and straightforward:

  • Shop with passion
  • Have ambition and enthusiasm
  • Have the ability to walk very slowly and visit every stall
  • Have the ability to stay just out of reach and eye contact of stall-holders
  • Be able to lie to their face and say “no thanks my friend bought me one of those last time we were here”
  • Ability to resist the natural call until you find the next convenience
  • Ability to ask a complete stranger where the toilet is


  1. Hi Pamela….of course you’re right ….initially I thought I’d say take your husband’s, partner’s or boyfriend’s wallet….but this might not be PC…and one day I might become a victim myself…ha ha

  2. I liked this blog. This is great is just to show “daily living” to others who are living far away. Those Teddies are cute. I have plenty of photos from Teddies and I think that got an idea from You just to…


    • Hi Sartenada,
      that’s true seeing the “daily life” brings all the worlds closer. Usually we only see disasters that happen in far away places…you must show us what Finland is like…I always think of it covered in snow.

      have a look at Vicki’s blog she’s got great colours


    • Hi VicKi,

      thanks for the hugs… I just looked in the direction of Denvor and sent a smile.

      The markets are great there is so much pre-loved stuff…we are all pre-loved so there’s hope for everyone…

      • HeHe! Thanks for the “smile” ! By the way, you have a really great smile!!!
        Just special for you…here’s a “pre-loved” hug! : )

    • Nadezhda, you’re right there’s so many things happening at the market it’s great for photos …’s also a great reconnect with the past..

  3. Oh summer!!! I do envy you for that Sean!:)
    Fun images, full of good weekend bazaar fun! I really enjoyed the ‘modus operandi’ you and your friends came up with- hilarious!

    • I’m just an observer, the girls are the “ninja shoppers” and like the ninja they are mysterious in nature and the folklore that surrounds their shopping exploits is hidden in historical fact and myth.

      Some say it’s their underhanded tactics in beating down shop assistants others say it’s their invisibility at the bargain tables but what we all agree upon is that they have an enviable reputation and image and always arrive into the midst of other shoppers unannounced and in secret.

  4. Hey Sean! A big old pile of fun! And a great mini-documentary you present. (Although I did notice a complete lack of “sausages” as implied! Can you guess, I’m hungry tonight.)

    I love a fair, a festival, a Sunday farmer’s market. Although wisdom does suggest to follow Pamela’s advice – leave the wallet somewhere else. And certainly I’ve already gathered more than enough “stuff” for any one life. But I like to look. Thanks for the tour, and I always enjoy your company.

    And you might have like my great uncle. He had a big SHED in which to keep his tools. (Also a bit more admired than used, although he knew how, just didn’t much.)

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