006 what flower is that

004 old house

005 old house

006 berry street

00914 quaint house

00915 the bakery

We have left the velvet green coastal countryside and have driven twenty kilometres through grassy undulating dairy lands to come upon the beautiful rural town of Berry. 

At the edge of town we are greeted by a grand old Post Office building which is now a trendy café. We turn left and immediately the car is embraced by charming tree-lined avenues which are the setting for rustic wooden houses complete with picket fences and country gardens.

The town has maintained its unspoilt atmosphere and we have journeyed here from the city to be overwhelmed by the fresh scents of the trees, to soak up country life and to do the only thing three woman would go 142 kilometres for and that’s SHOPPING.

Yes once again I’m the nominated driver for the girls who will be so intoxicated after shopping that they will be over the legal limit to drive home.



  1. I’m glad you like it …I didn’t know the picket fence was such a traveller. It’s a great little town only a few hours south of Sydney and is full of old “country atmosphere”

  2. Very humorous Sean! I do like your comments very much. Lovely accompaniment.

    And Berry, minus the beloved sea, is yet a charming place. Thanks for taking us along with you! I reminds me some of my most favorite seashore town, Pacific Grove, tucked just into the southern tip of Monterey Bay. The old downtown is richly populated by small houses and a few small mansions of sorts dating back to the early 1900’s or a little earlier. Quaint is the word. Some shops and such, but mostly it is just a small quiet town to stroll around in and sit by the beach. Just my speed. I’ll try and get some pictures for you someday myself.

    Did your ladies in waiting sufficiently fill themselves on the local pleasures there?

    You certainly give us a new view of Australia. Not just outback and kangaroos! No more than we are all cowboys and cows. Media mostly adore stereotypes, so we seldom get to see the more populated real home that it is for you. And I love having these images around where you call home. Thanks a lot!

    • The ladies had a great time… getting them out of the shops was the difficult part….hm I hope they got me a good christmas present.

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