00916 main street berry

00917 main street berry

00918 great southern hotel berry

The shopping in Berry is the reason we came for the weekend and this is what makes the town so popular. We’ve been to craft shops, galleries, boutiques and antique and collectibles shops and the markets. At the moment we are resting at a main street cafe having lunch in preparation for the afternoon spree.

 As we soak up the rural village atmosphere we watch the horse-drawn carriage toiling its way up and down the village. The footpaths overflow with shoppers fulfilling their dreams. It’s a woman’s heaven and my shopper friends are dreaming of their next bargain. For my part I’m dreaming about  a search for a village where every shop sells fast cars, beer, newspapers, magazines and the coffee is served by beautiful young women. Now that’s heaven.

 Anyway enough of my dreaming the weekend has been fantastic and everywhere I look I see something entertaining and interesting.  It is also calm and relaxing to watch women shop knowing your wallet will never come out of your pocket.

So ‘male colleagues’ if you want to have an enjoyable weekend that won’t disappoint find a few shoppers and take them to Berry. Next time Joan, Lyn and Jan need a driver I’ll certainly be volunteering.

In the meantime back to the shopping.

00920 shopping

00921 shopping berry

00922 tin can alley

00922a cushions

00923 flying fish

00925 cafe berry



  1. Bet you bought one of the fish kites:)) for the wallet coming out of the pocket….maybe those moths need a little exercise by now….

  2. Again very succeeded “photo report”. Architecture of the town is very pleasent to my eyes. Lovely horse carriages. I also enjoyd to see inside of that boutique and notice what there was to be sold.

    I never had seen fish kites! So, I was as Alice in Wonderland when I was looking Your nice photos. Very interesting!

  3. Shameful. Away from my home computer I feel so inept!

    But just so you know, I’ve been here, and more than once, and you know by now I appreciate all you say and show, all that you share with us. Thank you so much for my new and growing sense of your home and countryside. Thanks Sean!

    • Hi Neil,

      Know how you feel …. being away from the ‘puter creates withdrawal symptoms…sometimes I think I’m obsessed with wordpress…maybe I’m becoming a blogaholic!

      Hope you’re having a great holiday

    • Thank you love!! Wish I really could enjoy all the beauty of your country while sitting and having a great cup of coffee and good conversation with you! Maybe someday….maybe???

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