jet plane

These masses of spinning air which trail from the engines are apparently the hot exhaust gases which cool into water droplets and can even form tiny ice crystals

I was looking up at this barely visible air plane and began to wonder how many people are in the air above the world at any one time? I think it has to be more than 500,000 maybe 750,000. Does anyone know?


6 thoughts on “A MASS OF SPINNING AIR

  1. I’m thinking if there is , say 2000 planes in the air with 150 people on board , that’s 300,000. So 3000 planes with 150 is 450,000. I’m sure someone has calculated it. Then there is all those small planes with less than 10 people.

  2. Neil, I’m thinking that if a big disaster happened on earth at least 400-500,000 would survive in the air … that’s if they could find somewhere to land.

  3. There are 87,000 overflights of the United States every day
    Some will be single-seaters, some freightplanes, and there are thousands of private jets of all sizes
    But a whole third, I think, are scheduled passenger flights
    Without a census of all the aircraft involved it’s hard to know
    But 29000 scheduled flights seems incredible to me, and would require very low load factors to put less than 750,000 people in the air
    Modern info systems are making it possible to produce instant & up-to-date info on demand, er, “soon”
    That’ll be nice..

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