the bay early monday 14th  nov

I am drawn to the edge of the bay by the scattering of the sky-light upon the water’s surface and its beautiful blueness.

I think I might be an amphibian because I have not developed the ability to live my entire life on the land and at this time each year I have to return to the water to swim most days for the next few months.



15 thoughts on “I AM AN AMPHIBIAN

  1. Probably a frog, except for the fact I’m not cold blooded but I do respond to the warmth of the sun and I tend to stay inside in winter.
    As a frog I would have a very long tongue and wouldn’t have to be a vegetarian. I also like the idea of metamorphosis plus there is always the chance a Princess will kiss me.
    Yes I think a frog might be ok.

    • My oh my! Look at all the excitement your self-proclamation has caused here!
      I do like your reasons for your wanting to be a frog, very deep and well thought out. I endorse fully. Haha.

      It is the idea of duality, and your use of that idea/ thought here, that really got to me. Wonderfully put Mr. Gills!:)

  2. Sean, we are still, to some part greater or lesser, some of who and what we have ever been, right back to the beginning of things – like life for one. (Not to wrinkle any toes, please…) I was always impressed with the simple realization that we are one continous and unbroken thread of life. If the thread had broken, we simply wouldn’t be. Can’t say quite why, but that notion pleases me. Good one!

  3. Lovely photo. I like blue sea, although I cannot enjoy about it here. We have only thousands of lakes instead of sea. The lenght of coast line of Finland is 314 604 km or 195 486 miles. When seeing this number one has to understand that our coast line is really full of caves and bays.

    Swimming is one of my hobby which I love very much.

    • The total length of the Australian mainland coast plus Tasmania worked out to be 30 270 km.
      Adding on the length of the coast of all the islands greater than 12 ha, about 16 800 km, gave a grand total of 47 070 km.

      Finland has so much more….. who would have thought….314,000kms is more than 6 times the circumference of the world

  4. Sean!
    You’re no frog…you’ve been sun kissed by the waves to make you a perfect prince!

    As someone who was (literally) raised on the beaches of Southern California I appreciate this photograph more than you know!
    I can smell the salt air , the sounds of the waves, the sand between my toes and the birds in the air flying overhead! Ahhhhhh, how I miss those playful days!

    Thank you Sean for taking me there….
    Love and Hugs

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