Being human means you tend to expect everlasting satisfaction from situations you know to be impermanent. You also expect lasting happiness when all around you is in the middle of constant unpredictable change.

Well I had one of those moments of everlasting expectation last night and if I could make it last forever then I would.

Fortune recently smiled upon our son and as you would expect I was very excited for him but when he chose to share his bounty with his mother and me I was beside myself.

He decided to treat us to a most beautiful dinner at a harbour side restaurant set by the edge of a golden sandy beach that looks directly back towards the skyline of the city.

The day had been warm and by 7.45 pm the sun had slid behind the city buildings in the distance. A crescent moon threw a faint golden glow across the water and a beautiful coolness overtook the small bay.

I had a superb salt & pepper calamari entrée served with a rocket and cucumber salad and homemade sweet chilli sauce. Then, with indulgence and delight, all three of us ordered freshly caught whole lobster Mornay.

Just at this instant I cannot think of anything more wonderful than the gladness which the heart and mind feels when the primary instinct of celebrating with family is satisfied.

It was a night of true generosity and pleasure and proved that when you pay full attention to the moment you’re in you really do find true happiness. 


thumb nails from Doyles web site



  1. Thank you for sharing this Sean. For whatever the reason or excuse, happy birthday, joyous Monday, hey look – I’ve got two good feet, whatever the reason, it’s good enough. Many more!

  2. Such a warm experience- a happy dinner with family. Nothing like it, even if I never tasted lobster at our dining table back home:)
    Happy for you…and all warmed up inside…here’s a sad yet affirmative nod at that thought you put forth..our expectation of everlasting happiness. Quite something, that. Quite astute an observation, I dare say!

  3. Sean I could easily wish I was sharing a meal with you and yours. I’m sure it would be a happy band of souls. So Thanksgiving day might not exactly be your holiday, but any day is good enough in my book – and simply a thanks for being a part of my greater family.

    Love, Neil

    And yea, every time I see that plate again, I still begin to salivate! Tasty stuff!

  4. Hi Neil,

    I’ve been away from the blogourhood for a few days …have a great thanksgiving…I think our thanksgiving is in March…but it is not widely celebrated

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