Down at the Broadwater looking out to sea just north of Surfers Paradise is the sand bypass pumping system. It has the capacity to pump up to 500 cubic metres of sediment per hour and is vital to the safeguarding of this now man-modified coastline. 

From the park we can hear the happy sounds of the young overseas backpackers surfing the small break at the beach on the southern side of the breakwater.

The beach is also an off the leash dog exercise area. The signs say owners must still maintain control of their dogs at all times but that’s like trying to stop a two-year old screaming at a coffee shop. The dogs just run wild but it’s kind of fun seeing them so happy and they’re much better than us humans at digging holes in the sand

Lazing on the beach took me back to 1964 when the sun was beating down and my feet got so hot I wished I was by a pool. (apologies to Arthur Resnick and Kenny Young). We had a swim and then sat under the boardwalk out of the sun just having some fun.

For the next few days I’ll be under the boardwalk down by the sea……that’s where I’ll be.



8 thoughts on “DOWN BY THE SEA

  1. Swimming in the surf is fun…..the waves push you around and if you’re good you can swim out and ride them all the way back to the beach

  2. Been busy enough, and how nice to come back here again. It feels like home. And simply wonderful to have a friend who lives beside the big blue sploshy sea! Great pictures Sean!

    Warm water too I’ll bet? Not here, oh my. Right down the pipe from Alaska. Burr!

  3. You’re making me homesick for my childhood home in Southern California! Love the beach and love swimming in the ocean! Not much of that here in Colorado! Right now I’m swimming in snow and bitter cold weather! But the view is fantastic!

    Thanks again for sharing Sean! Always love your pics!

    Big Warm Hugs!

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