Basically a dinosaur is just an old reptile that lived from about 230 million years ago to 65 million years ago. I know they just aren’t oversized lizards but I can’t help thinking that when I see these water dragons. I was resting by the pool with Daisy Chain when a lounge of lizards arrived. (Flock of sheep, herd of cattle, therefore lounge of lizards).  

Obviously we had intruded into their watering hole space and these ever-alert creatures began running around their territory stopping every now and then to show off with their stylized upright posture. As you can see from the pictures when you are close up, as we were, you can easily see their rough scales, muscled arms, legs and long tails. 

One lizard was grasping a worm in its jaw and generally having a great time basking on the exposed rocks bobbing his head around and arm waving at us. The ants were running for their lives just like in the old movies where the humans run from the giant dinosaurs. 

That’s when we discovered the hoax. What if dinosaurs where always this size and instead of them getting small they stayed the same size and it was us humans who grew from ant size to the size we are today.  

That would mean we turned the tables on the dinosaurs. It would explain their supposed extinction. They never left, they never became extinct they just faded into the background by staying the same size while we got bigger. That’s why we don’t notice them so much.  

Discoverers of the secret D. Chain and S. Fraser have created a name for the new found knowledge and that is “The theory of relative size and comparative obesity.” The theory also shows how adaptable humans are and how unintelligent ants are.  

As proof of the theory we offer the following : 

Recent Australian research: February 2009 Proof humans are getting bigger.

The standard strength of toilet seats is slated to triple, after the national safety watchdog Standards Australia found the maximum unsupported weight capacity of 45 kilogrammes was not enough. Toilet seats will soon have to pass flex and rigidity tests at 150 kilogrammes—”a precautionary measure to accommodate the increasing size of humans,” a Standards spokeswoman said.

 Foot note:

We know that you are all asking “where are all the bones the archaeologist are digging up come from’. Well firstly they could be alien but more likely they were planted in the late 1800’s by greedy businessmen wanting to create the “museum and artefact” industry.




  1. Hi X good to see you around again…I’ve been over at your blome and still see you are still up front and in ya face…keep it going……have a great Christmas break

    • Yes I’m already doing an outline. My paper will deal with the topic Nature vs. Nurture.
      The working title is:
      The Dinosaur In All Of Us:
      Why Everything You’ve Been Told about Buried Bones, What Old is and What big really means is Wrong.

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