I’m on a Boeing 737 -800 at 35,000 feet cruising at about 450 kts, and I’m heading home. I don’t know it but what’s on my mind is h*2R=d^2. That’s the formula for working out how far away the horizon is. 

Thanks to DC I’ve had a fantastic sliding-door holiday week on the Gold Coast and I am about to come back to earth and live the rest of my life. To enjoy getting older I’m going to forget the saying “I’ll be happy when” and accept that the “when” is now.  

I stare out this blurred window and search the horizon for the future that awaits me. It will be one where I won’t reschedule things, desires or happiness to a “later time.” My later time has arrived. I’ll search for what drives me and live by my own program. 

Fortunately my life is not one full of questions. All I want is the capacity to make meaning of my experiences. One thing I know is that I have the choice in my life to be happy, and that’s the choice I’m going to make.  

By the way, at 35,000 feet the horizon is 221.3 miles away.



  1. Safe travel by now I think means welcome home! Although, from here, the difference is the smallest gap. And gladly, your blog you refresh so often Sean!

    I agree with your sentiments expressed. Really it’s always true, but easier to see the more “mature” we become (mature being a kind? way to say older? and I’m still unsure as that term was used to me recently!).

    Does that imply we get taller the older we get – better able to see? Does that apply to your last post as well perhaps, on resizing us? 🙂

    While honestly, I am still not all home yet from my November vacation away. Two weeks was just long enough to begin to believe there was no other place than where I was. And that life, that companionship was most dear. Less than one day away even by car! Yet as you say, I’ll be as best I can where I am right now. Thanks Sean.

  2. Good on you Sean…but I have known you for a long time now and you always make the best of life and keep yourself interested and interesting. You already have a really nice life:))

  3. I love this photograph…very retro !

    Sean, you seem like a man who enjoys every moment! Life has so many things to be grateful for every day!!!
    I feel your zest for life in all your comments and photos! You’re an amazing man!!

    Hugs my friend!

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