I’m back in my home town, Sydney. It’s Sunday afternoon and with a few friends I’m catching a play at the Sydney Theatre Company which is in ‘The Rocks’ one of Sydney’s most loved and visited areas.

The Theatre is surrounded by great views and a host of waterfront attractions that include the arts, culture, cafes and shops. Most activities here involve walking, watching and eating and so that’s what we do. We become one with the postcard views of the Opera House and the Bridge and  after a brief stroll we have a light lunch sitting in the shadow of that great  Sydney icon, the Harbour Bridge. 

This ever-changing harbour backdrop presents a wonderful setting for the foundation place of Sydney and Australia.




  1. What a beautiful City! Thanks for the view from a local. I bet you also know the best places to eat. I love finding good places to eat that aren’t in the travel brochure. I am usually let down with the famous by advertising restaurants.

  2. MFS, Yes, I was one of the fortunate few to be with you on Sunday afternoon in our beautiful city. Didn’t realise as we strolled around what fantastic photos you were taking especially the different aspects of our wonderful bridge. A fabulous city and we are so fortunate to be able to enjoy it whenever we please!!! YFJ

  3. Beautiful, beautiful city Sean, and your eye to share it with us. How trite I am in appreciative words, but true none the less. This little bit of a far far world you put in my pocket to have. Thanks.

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