It’s early and I am breathing, living and thinking and when I am an onlooker to a sunrise like the one I saw this morning I have that moment where I get an understanding of my cherished relationship with the universe. 

I watch the apparent motion of the sun across the sky and contemplate where it will be in one minute. I have just experienced the passing of time in which an expected event passes from the future to the present to the past.

I have watched time go by. Time consumes my life, I wonder who invented it. At a suitable moment I realise I know it’s “time to go” and I hope that will always be the case.


8 thoughts on “SUNRISE GALLERY

  1. And not one breath of snow – not there, not here. My part of the world, of California here, seldom sees any but what might rarely dust the highest chaparral mountain peaks. Cold enough the winter here, but only a few days will water turn to ice.

    But you go ahead Sean and enjoy your mirror season and all that lovely warmth and the sunrises as here displayed.

    Those special days when I was to my favored oceanside town and up with the dawn, much I’d like to wander down to a small concrete pier at the beach, be the first to see the dancing seaweed just below, hear the town slowly coming awake. It is a very bright and clear time of day, to spirit if not always eye.

    And your pictures are a warm reply to some images astronomic I’ve just been looking at in another wonder way. This is one shore we all share, suppose we might say. If you want to see…

    (From there you can view or DL the full size image.)

    Maybe some might feel small viewing this, but to me, it fills me with delightful sight and a certainty, no creator would make all this for us to be alone! How many thousand thousand other poems are being written out there, indeed, how many other Seans of whom I’d be just as fond. It makes me smile to think.

    Thank you for the morning light!

    • Looking up at the Milky Way and seeing the sheer number of stars makes me struggle to comprehend the scale of the expanding universe. The existance of the universe, time and life is poetry….and I don’t fully understand these things.

  2. How beautiful Sean! You enjoy your summer well:) And you were up there at sunrise? I am feeling a little self-deficient right now! How many times I have hoped to see the world early and still rising, and failed! A lesson for me, and I was just relating my sad story to Neil on my webpage:) Ah, it’s settled. That should be the new year’s resolution then! Sprinklings of early days 😉

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