5 thoughts on “I THINK I’VE EATEN TOO MUCH

  1. Wonderful Sean! I love the tree, and much like I remember as a child. The table too is like one giant present wrapped for everyone. And a “snow pudding” cake – what a creative idea as well. Thanks for sharing with us.

    When I was very young it was my job Christmas morning to go and fetch Grandmother and Great Uncle Lou from across our small town, and walk them back home for presents and dinner both. Much as I did and do adore them both, how aware I was those morn’s just how much slower they walked than excited me! (And maybe mom was just getting me out of her hair for a few minutes too!) But I loved my morning chore all the same.

    And if you ate too much, just that much more of you for us to adore! Good Christmas day!

  2. Nice Christmas photos.

    This Christmas we decided not to eat any chocolate and we had success.

    If You think You have eaten too much, so start walking or jogging. Me and my wife are walkers and it helps.

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