12:01 AM FRIDAY JANUARY 1st 2010 

When the smoke from the fireworks has gone and all that is left is the reflection of the blue moon on the Bay I can hear the sound of the clock edging time into 2010. It is time to take a moment to bring the comings and goings of 2009 to mind so they are not forgotten.

I have run through the hills, I’ve fished the rivers, the bays and the oceans, I have taken time to smell the flowers, I’ve seen the morning sun and the evening sky. I have had picnics, seen movies, been to the football, had great week-ends away, enjoyed hundreds of coffees, spent time with my children and I’ve given a hand to a needy friend.

This year I also remember all the kindness that has come in my direction and as I sit here having a glass of red wine I send out a goodwill cheer.

As I go forward into my 62nd new year I’ll not only be taking with me all my long-term earth-bound friends I’ll carry with me new friends who live in my blog heart.

Happy and safe New Year for 2010 when ever and where ever it catches up with you.

 The Dolls Point Blogger



8 thoughts on “ONLY 365 DAYS LEFT TO 2011

  1. Happy New Year Hun! So very happy we met!!! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to the year ahead with you and all our blogger family!

    Love you and super New Year Hug!

  2. Good Sean I am all and only glad to reside in your heart, as you are in mine as well. A place if far, for shores and tides, for clouds and bright blue, for eager fish and fine meals, for a glass to toast what friends we’ve met – it is a place I’m glad to share and as you generously do.

    And to quote an old friend, if there’s one wish, one prayer, it’s this, yes as this old sun is above and we orbit in turn another year, yes please, once more if I may.

    And Sean, your blue moon, dark sea and one bright wave is just the perfect image, perfect for me, and thanks so much once again.

    As well, and I seldom admit, in counting years, we are the same. Sssh!

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