There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on the edge of the Bay leaving the stress of everyday life far behind and doing a little fishing. It calms the soul and it’s a lot cheaper than a therapist.

I push the rod into the sand and sit on the moss-covered rocks. I close my eyes and take a long slow deep breath to clear my mind. I inhale the clean fresh sea air and exhale tension and stress. The warm bubbly sea water washes over my feet. I keep breathing deeply and slowly and say to myself, in a quiet way, I am calm. The south-east breeze carries my mind away and it’s not long before my thoughts are floating on a calm sea of emerald green water. 

I’m in a boat and I have to keep on sailing as long as the south-east wind keeps on blowing. I gently float farther and farther out into the tranquil sea. When the wind stops I see I’m in a place I’ve never been to before where green and gold colours begin to surround me. I take a long deep breath and get into a little row-boat to find what is on this foreign shore. 

The waves keep rolling and as I look at the rocks on the shore I realise I have sailed to a world of moss-covered rocks where shimmering diamonds sparkle and dance at the edge of the sea. I jump from the small row-boat and try to saturate my body with the warm sunlight but my feet don’t even touch the sand. I focus my attention completely on the green covered rocks blocking out all other thoughts and allow myself to drift into my past. 

‘Rolling stones gather no moss’ I ask. Is it true that those of us who are always moving, with no ties to one place, avoid responsibilities and care. Should I have been more like these moss-covered rocks and remained static? Would I have profited from going nowhere? Is this growth of moss desirable or is this a question of stagnation versus mobility and vision? 

Is it time for me to stop being unsettled and busy or should I continue on in my journey ensuring a second half of life filled with meaning? I become absorbed in contemplating these questions, what has it all meant? what is my purpose? I accept that there are no answers but the mere fact that the question is asked helps to clarify. 

I jump into the small row-boat and head back to sea determined that nothing is going to slow me down. I’m going to keep on sailing and let my thoughts shape my destiny. 

So what is important to me from my present perspective? I’m going to keep on fishing, falling to sleep on the beach, harvesting wisdom from my dreams and curing the problems of the world. And it’s all free.




  1. Sean, Your text is so vivid that I felt being in Your company there. To sit on moss-covered rocks was an experience. Your photo is splended and is completing nicelyYour story. Thank You.

    Thank You also commenting my post. Now by trilogy telling about Kemi is completed and it is ending to Snow Castle.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Awesome story! Love the conclusion 🙂 “I’m going to keep on fishing, falling to sleep on the beach, harvesting wisdom from my dreams and cure the problems of the world. And it’s all free.”
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. I’ll sit with you Sean by the sea, and any day my far far friend, any day with you would be a gift.

    Usually for the simple reason of timely convenience I break the full load, load down only your current post, rather than all. But this time as my attention was drawn away for a minute, and the whole panoramic of posts clear back to November I think, all of that came to screen and remembered sight.

    What a table for us you set! Your feast from sand and sea, delivered by a voice that would be good friend to any of us. All the glitter of the world does not compare. You are a fisher man who nets more than only fish!

  4. Neil…….. it is a shame that one of the few things you can’t share in a blog is a beer….so I’ll have one for you later……thanks for your most generous appreciation of my blogs.

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