I rush from work straight to the heart of the city to mix with the tourists, bankers, millionaires, buskers, and every day workers. I love going to the city. 

I met my son and his mum at wharf number 4 and we just let our feet take us anywhere. We didn’t care as long as we found something to eat. The sun was retreating behind the city sky-line however its last orange explosion still had a fierce burning edge so we headed towards the west side of the Quay and dropped in to Rossini’s for dinner.

When you’re in the heart of the city you know you’re living. People of all shapes and sizes scamper in every direction making their way home and what a way to go home, by a lazy ferry ride across the harbour. You know it’s real in the city and the thing I like is that everything is king size.



  1. hi Sean
    you have become a serious blogger! I enjoy your comments and thoughts about life immensely. Can you pls drop me a line via email?

  2. MFS, Glad you enjoyed your evening with your son and his mother, so glad you had a lovely evening. A reminder, we must do the coffee cruise as discussed previously.

  3. To be with family is important. I like cities also, but I also love wilderness. Just there I can hear my own thought without any interference except those voises of nature. That is also life. Is it something like being on sea Sean?

  4. I am most definitely a small town boy, would fit right in I think there on the beach with you in your small part of the coast. However, no question at all, Sydney is a beautiful city. And you do gravitate towards a good meal, don’t you Sean. But I might just be second to the table after you, fork in hand!
    Good pictures dad!

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