Australia’s national day is celebrated on January 26th. It commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788, the hoisting of the British flag there, and the proclamation of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of Australia. 

Australians far and wide all over the country celebrate on the beaches, in their backyards, in the local parks, and they do it in true Aussie style. 

This year I’m celebrating the day by going to the south coast and fishing at Bulli. I’ll be fishing for flathead and then quaffing coffee. And yes, the fishing is pretty good at this glorious ocean beach. 

It is 730 am I’ve picked up Lyn and Joan. The grey sky still clings to the horizon. Shafts of golden light pierce through the clouds to light up the area around the ocean rock pool. I’m ready for anything and everything.

I head down the beach to a spot just south of the pool carrying my fresh prawns and slimy pilchards with me. I find this type of bait works well on the Wollongong flathead. 

After a couple of hours and having caught nothing I head to the café comforted by the fact the we in Australia are indeed lucky and wherever you are just take time out to celebrate what we take for granted every day. Hey, it  is a great place. 

I know Caffeine has been studied more than almost any other substance in the world but I don’t care what they say. There’s no better way to pass the time and conversation with friends than over a cup of coffee.

As you get older you realize that some of the benefits of caffine are that it wards off drowsiness, increases alertness and produces an increased capacity for sustained intellectual effort in general. This helps to maintain your focus on the conversation and shows your friends you are really interested in what they are saying. We had three cups of coffee and four hours of sustained conversation before lunch.



  1. Hi Sean, I am working in a dark studio tonight. It is cold and rainy where I am working. The photo of “the fishing spot” beach is excellent! I want to be there!

  2. Hi Timm …the beaches just south of Sydney are stunning. They can get a bit wild and windy and if you let your thoughts wander the sound and vibration of waves repeatedly pounding the beach seems like nature breathing…… feel the world is truly alive.

  3. Sounds heaven sent, what you describe, and all I’ve to say is “good for all of you, your wonderful home”. Wise to celebrate such a gift! Your pictures outdo themselves. And of course I think, it’s not so much the coffee as the good companionship with friends!

    And you Sean, are so so welcome back!!!

  4. I love your blog so much because it is such an inspiration to take pictures! The only problem is.. I’m lazy. I’m always looking at your blog, “OH MY GOD, from now on, I’m GOING to take pictures. Starting tomorrow.” Then the next day, “eh, I have too many stuff in my bag for my camera…………..”


  5. Hi Sean. So lovely description of Your day. It seems that in Your country there is still left something from “Paradise”, so beautiful it is.

    When people are together here, it is a habit to drink coffee. I guess that You know that we are ranking on the second place in the world when talking about coffee drinkers and that is why we have “Coffee Cup Museum” here.

  6. I have been watching the barristas finals at the food and wine show and it is amazing what they do with a humble cup of coffee….and it is all so serious….

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