If wherever I lay my fishing rod is home then I’m there. I’m back by the Bay after a week or so in New Zealand and spent the early hours of today at the water’s edge. 

There is no certain date to say when the world begun but the age of the universe is calculated to be between 13-16 billion years. That means there have between 5000-6000 billion sunrises.  Numbers that big are weird when you think of it because my life span falls within the range of a statistical error.

Today I saw the morning breaking probably much like that first morning. The sea gulls were flying towards the northern end of the Bay squawking out as if to sing praise to a new day. The humidity of a summer day in February starts to signal its presence and the warmth from the sun feels like it comes all the way from heaven. 

 The wetness of the ocean water lapping on my feet is so sweet and I’m happy  that I’m here to see another dawning 


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