One of the reasons I love the city, is for the spontaneity, its humanness and the way people bond together when they become moved by accessible street music.   

My friend Juicer  has blogged about street art and life in New York and how important the city walls are for expression. I agree and  believe that the concrete canyons are meant to carry music to the hearts of the people. 

The Juicer blog and the poetry of  Bearly Audible helped me get this one down. Thanks.  

Last evening I went to the city for dinner and in my wanders came across this street busker. He played great sax which included one of my favorite tunes, Hallelujah. 

With admiration and appreciation for the Canadian singer-songwriter-poet Leonard Cohen  I penned some thoughts and feelings aroused by the sweet music of the street player.  (based on Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah)


There was this guy at the city wharf  

He picked up his sax, and began to morph 

 And from the start the music went right through ya 

 Well as you know it goes like this 

 The fourth, the fifth 

 The minor fall and the major lift 

 The crowd all knew he was doing Hallelujah 



 He played the sax for those who care 

 And as his sweet notes filled the air 

 From his lips he blew the Hallelujah 

Well I heard the tune and should’ve known 

It was the moving song of Leonard Cohen 



Well friends I’ve heard it all before

 I’ve heard this song and I’ve wanted more 

 So I’ll go back to the time before I knew ya 

 I’ve seen your love and it’s sharp as glass 

 Life is not an endless pass 

 It’s a cruel and it’s a futile Hallelujah 



There’ll be a time you’ll gather round 

To say goodbye and send me homeward bound 

 I’ll want to know if you loved me, do you? 

 But if that’s something you can’t say 

Just remember me for one last day 

 Cause all I want to hear is the sound of Hallelujah 






6 thoughts on “STREET SAX IS SO SWEET

  1. I see a song writer in the making….one of your many wonderful talents …no doubt!
    Miss you and hope to be seeing you all more often soon.

    Love you my friend!

  2. hmm looks like a song to me maybe you should ask Leonard to put it to his music and give it a go. I think its a sad song………….

  3. Hey Sean! I think my pilot light went out! I’ve actually already been to this post before, read your poem with delight, and I think I thought I’d already said – but obviously not. I wonder what little birdie distracted me?

    And yes Sean, a lovely little ditty (is that word a part of Australian lingo too?). A nice revisiting to this song. A good heart you have to share it with us. (I adore it when people allow their joy and sense of life to be expressed. And you do!) Good job my friend.

    And I’ll even answer your musical question (better now than then), and yes, I absolutely love you being in this life with me! My far far friend. And wasn’t it great hearing from Vicki again!

    Have you ever visited this site/group as linked on my blog – Playing For Change?
    The best of (street) music I think and with an abundance of good heart. Your song made me think of them again.

    (And thanks for the nudge!)

    I’m (thinking, hoping) that I’m working on a much more challenging new poem idea right now. One that’s gonna take some serious homework to realize (not my usual way), so keep your fingers crossed for me. Meanwhile you just keep singing Sean!

    • Hi Neil,
      Yes it was great to see Miss V back in the blogworld………thanks for the link to playing for change….also I’ll keep my url open for your next offering………yes we have ditty as a word.

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