I await the sunrise and as the day begins I feel I am at the edge of time. The waves of the bay gather at my feet. The morning sun hits the water and bends just enough to throw a mauve pink glow in my direction. I think to myself that on this autumn morning no one travels along this way but I.

The sky, the water, the clouds have made the sun forget it should shine. The cool wind turns into rain and as I look towards the distant city my autumn grows deeper. 

If I had a wish it would be to meet my parents and see how they were before I was born and observe their expectations and wishes for me. As I get older the morning mirror I stare into shows a mixture of their faces, it’s uncanny.

Whether I have 2 days, 2 months or 20 years I know I’ll never have enough time to do all the things I want.

I have just completed a course called ‘Conscious Ageing: Passage to Wisdom’

The course, given by Dr Edna Ross, BSc(Hons) MA PhD (Psychology), provides practical guidance to acquiring the qualities of an elder.

It gave me a new perspective on ageing and the inevitability of death. As usual I’m back doing what makes me happy  by the bay at my favourite fishing spot. It also gives me time to reflect on the last stage of my life.

No time to dwell on ‘what has it all meant? or what is my purpose?’ I reckon I’ve got just about the right amount of time to live life to the fullest and hopefully die happy. I wish all my friends the same fate.


Keep a journal

Analyse cycles of life

Remember significant people in your life and acknowledge what they have done for you

Use meditation to create time for yourself

Practice forgiveness

Have a peace of mind check list

Have a living will

Consider a farewell letter

If you want to die happy, don’t put off things you’re planning.

Love with your whole heart.

Be kind and respectful to others.

Let your friends and family how you feel about them.

There’s no time like the present to tell those close to you how important they are.

Do what makes you happy. If you want to die happy, you have to live happy. Don’t waste your days doing something that doesn’t make you happy.


I made some observations during the course and have created the following lists. I hope they are of some use, maybe you can add some ideas of your own.




Be positive

Take the good with the bad

Be thankful

Be yourself

Live to your own agenda

Do things that make you happy


Be less critical of yourself

Don’t be a pessimist

Work less,  accumulate less, have more family time

Act happy

Make time for friends


Have coping strategies

Choose action over inaction


Don’t smoke

Wear sun block

Drink plenty of water

Don’t over indulge

Eat fish especially salmon

Drink tea

Avoid steaming hot drinks

Eat dark chocolate

Have a glass of red wine each day

Eat fruit and vegetables

Have good relationships

Reduce causes of stress

Try not to be fearful

Be optimistic

Smile, laugh and hug

Have a purpose

Think first

Be safe, don’t do risky things

Have a yearly medical check up

Do regular exercise

Keep learning

Have a good sleep pattern

Keep your mind active

Go meet some elders …….those over 87-100 see what they have to say

Keep breathing


5 thoughts on “TIME ALWAYS RUNS OUT

  1. You are a generous and good hearted man my friend. Thank you for sharing this, and yourself.

    Maybe I’ll have something more to add, but this here is the part I most want to say.

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