Oh, the end of summer. The light has a smile and the water is a sapphire blue. The days where I can be lazy are nearly over.

Try as hard as you can, summer will have its flies. Before I came to the baths I was sitting in the lounge room watching TV, just me, on my own and a fly, just one, on his own. Amazing how in such a large room we kept bumping into one another.

I finally killed him and then felt alone so I’ve come for a walk along the edge of the bay.

The really devoted swimmers do not want to waste anything as precious as the final summer sunshine so they spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air by the edge of the bay.

I think that like with bees where we have beekeepers we need flykeepers who would make a summer’s day at the beach more comfortable.

I have killed the last of the summer flies and so now you can all get some peace.


3 thoughts on “THE LAST DAYS OF SUMMER

  1. Words are at best, merely the clothes we wear. But you wear them well. And it’s been said it’s not so much the words, but what’s beneath, and taken especially in the light of your previous post, there is sweet meaning here.

    And Sean to say, reading here, your second paragraph is as finely poetic as anything could wish to be. Beautifully said. (I just may ask to quote you some day!)

    Meanwhile, swat or walk as you wish, and as your summer ends, mine shortly begins.

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