Sydney to Sydney Loop

Ever been on a big road trip ? Well it’s not as hard as you might think. Try this 365 night itinerary and get a real taste of what it’s like to travel the world.

 I was 62 yesterday,  the 15th of  March, and I’ve decided to go on a year-long trip. I’ve always wanted to do a road trip but have never had the time or someone to go with. I’ve come up with a solution and have mapped out a trip which will see me leaving the traffic of Sydney behind and heading in an easterly direction for one whole year.

 On the first day I’ll check out the sunrise over the Bay and then enjoy lunch in a local cafe. I’ll then take in the beautiful scenery for a while and later on look towards the west for a soothing sunset. This is also the best time to see the moon-rise when it comes up over the ocean where I’ll relax by the Bay with a glass of wine.

Once I’ve done with all that I’ll head home, kick the dust off from my shoes and get out the telescope to look at what’s happening on the other planets that are joining me as I speed through the solar system orbiting the sun. Some of these like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, are quite massive,  so thank god they stay just far enough away so as not to cause trouble.

Most days I’ll be spinning in an easterly direction at a speed of 1675 km/hour. (1000 miles per hour) and heading in a counter-clockwise direction at a speed of 107,300 km/hour (67,062 miles per hour)

 I’ll follow this plan each day and if all goes according to plan I should be back here in this same spot at this time next year.

To view trip go here



  1. Yes, a few more laps around the sun if you please, and then some more after that!

    You’re just getting more and more clever with age my friend. But no fair in my sleepy haze, first reading this, thinking you were going away. What fun without my Dolls Point blogger! But I’ve decided to go right along with you!

    And thanks again for making seed for me for another poem… again!

  2. Sean, happy birthday, although I am late now. I am three years older than You now and in May four year older. Also “young boy” in my mind as You seem to be.

    You are gonna start great trip and I hope that it will be great success. My “dream” is to some day drive the Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles.

    When there plenty of photos and huge amount of videos.

  3. Now you have a safe trip and be careful- not too close to the sun…!
    I love astronomy and can stare for hours into the sky (and have a sore neck the whole week)
    You have a telescope…lucky you!! I’m searching for one, there are so many, so expensive…any suggestions?
    And lastly…happy birthday! May this year be filled with many many bright stars….and intersting road trips!

    • Hi Ronelle,….It’s going to be a long trip………. each day I travel 1.6 million miles or 2.4 million kms …….each year 600 million miles or 900 million kms and since I started in 1948 I’ve done 37 billion miles or 55 billion kms…………any wonder I feel I’m always on the move.

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