I was first at the Bay today to catch the early morning light even before the birds begin to appear. The sun whispers from over the horizon and then disappears behind the clouds admitting no more pink light to the sky.

I watch my reflection on the water and become aware of the gentle waves making sounds like subtle music that can almost not be heard. I love splashing around in water simply for the fun of it.

I thought I saw an angel playing in the sand jumping across the little water bridges that form between each grain. It was just a memory of a small child’s footprints, shovel and bucket used in the construction of holes and sand castles that came to mind. When ever I see sand angels something good happens.



13 thoughts on “SAND ANGELS AT SUNRISE

  1. You make me think I am the sand and I am the water, and somedays, some beautiful mornings when only the first glance of sun has arrived, just sometimes, I look and see in the sky this human shape walking and splashing in me, and I think to myself, something good is happening today.

  2. Pink skies..(sigh). Doll’s Point is horizon heaven!

    I’ve been thinking, would love to see some more people from this lovely place too Sean. Hope you wouldn’t mind doling us some of that goodness too.

    • Hi Juicer,

      I think you’re right when I look back at my posts I don’t have many people……..I’ll try and do something about that …….do you have to ask or tell them they’ll be on a bloh and get permission to use their image?

  3. Here in US, the photographer has the copyright to an image clicked, so I do not have to ask for permission to click or post any picture on my blog. And there are not very many place where photography is not allowed, heck, I am allowed to click policemen too, unlike in the UK.

    You’ll need to check the law in Australia.

    Would love to see you people on your blog!! Can’t wait!

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