Friday is now Bikeday. I’ve caught the cycling craze again. Everywhere I go, I’ll go by bike won’t drive no car, won’t go too fast, but I’ll bet I’ll go pretty far. I’ll be looking out for Melanie and her brand new roller skates.

Yes I’ve sold the old iron horse that served me well for many a day and have just taken delivery of a shining new machine. You can see the delivery ward where I picked up the new baby in the gallery below.

Named after Milano, the capital of Italian fashion, the Città made by Bianchi has a stylish curvy aluminium frame, conventional gearing and a useful rear rack. 

I know there is no one that can ride like me, but then I’m pretty good at everything, as everybody knows and this is the best thing I’ve seen on two wheels. 

To get the first taste of the wind whistling through the air I took the bike along the edge of the bay down to the café. This weekend I’ll be romancing those pedals all over my suburb.



    • I also am in love with my bike, Neil – I think it was that beautiful curvey design that attracted me (maybe love’s a bit strong….perhaps it’s only a deep SEATED attraction)

  1. How cool loking bike!

    I also like biking. I have two bikes, yes. The one is on my country side cottage and it is my late father’s from 1930’s. Still going strong as Johnnie Walker.

    In my house I have few years old Nishiki. With it I can climb every uphill roads. The day when I must walk, then I am “old”. LOL.

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