The BRRRR! has gone from the 7°C  morning and has given way to a silky smooth sunny 24°C day. An agreeable light north to northeast breeze lifts the smell of salt  from the tip of the wavelets as they arrive to be greeted by the  sands of the Bay. 

Children all over Sydney have raided nursing homes to take their elder mothers and grandmothers out for mothers’ day. Families have gathered by the bay to have a picnic lunch in the park and later have a rest in the shade. 

They search for sunny spots among the trees and everyone gives a hand in cooking the BBQ.


Down by the bay is the ideal place to pamper mum on this mother’s day and let her know that she is a real life ‘leading lady’.



  1. Someone once did a study here – what smells the most like “home” to you? East coast of the US answered, “the scent of roasting chestnuts”, a winter thing I guess. West coast folks like me responded without hesitation – “BBQ!” True, true. It’s involuntary whenever I get a whiff, I want to join the campsite BBQ feast!

    So your seaside smoking good picnic gives me no doubt where I’d like to be!

    (And I do notice the recurrent theme here Sean. I agree. Food! Or am I just hungry now?)

    • Thanks Neil
      I was in LA in the 80’s and discovered Spare Ribs, a meal big enough for two, and when I returned to Australia I found that Misha’s Restaurant near where I lived was also doing ribs and in fact in 1986 won a first prize for his sauce at Richmond Virginia. Uhmm, I’m hungry!

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