“The point is workin” Every once in a while you hear those words echo around Russell Avenue Sans Souci and you know it’s a day not to be missed.

Sydney has some of the most famous surf beaches in the world. They stretch from Bondi in the east to Cronulla in the south and you just want to paddle out and get into some of that wave action. 

When there is a chunky SSE ocean swell in the 2-3 metre range, as there was this morning, it can be wild and woolly and sometimes on these occasions you get the wind and waves working together to provide plenty of fun for those there to ride the easterly swell waves as they break over sand bars just off Dolls Point. 

Dolls Point is actually within Botany Bay and is usually protected but as the tide goes out and the strong current from the river pushes against the swell coming into the bay, well that’s when the Point can start working.

Saturday 15th May 2010 was one of those days.


9 thoughts on “DOLLS POINT IS GOIN ORF

  1. NICE!!! in lived in sans souci from 91-98 and lived to surf this lil patch of sand on my bodyboard!! the best ever was september 26th 1995 4-6ft face waves barreling on dry sand and spitting!!! 96 had more than a dozen days suited for surfing,bodyboarding and longboarding but after the 97 beach facelift (when all the groynes were put in place to stablise the sand) it just wasn’t the same the spit or point broke ok still but the shorebreaks were just straight closeouts, however with the beach eroding again by 2007 i scored 2 great surfs one in june the other in july thanx to a monster rising hight tide giving the already 2ft swell and extra kick so it could wedge of the wall that seperates the beach and footpath and create a secondary 1ft side wave forming 3-5ft face peaks up and down the beach : )
    last time i checked it in october 2011 the beach was almost completely gone : (
    PS email me so i can forward you a few pics of an average but fun day in 2008

  2. Hey there DPB, I googled Dolls Point and found your blog. The photographs here are of me and another bloke Michael who lives up at Ramsgate (I recognised my board and then my rude head ha ha!). I’m in the wetsuit with the dark blue board and Mike is in the blue rashy with thew multi coloured board. Could you do us a favour and email me the hi resolution pics if you have them? I drool over this spot and have been wanting some pics of it working. Best wave I caught was from out at the green bouy all the way to the groyne.

    • Great website mate, a guide to the mythical and rarely seen whimsical breaks. Dolls Pt has been on for the last week. After promising myself to give it a go as I ran past it every day, today I dragged the mini mal out, pulled on the rubber, and ran down Gannon Ave proudly heading for the bay, much to the amusement of the neighbours and passers by

  3. To say I caused a stir is undoubtedly an understatement for the fine burghers of Dolls Point; fear, panic and all the associated concerns when the surfing invasion descends on an previously unknown ‘big’ break; I’m sure the reaction was more of mirth, a somewhat ridiculous bloke running down a street in a wetsuit with a painters plank under his arm.

    But to say I was pleased would be an understatement because today I surfed Dolls Pt. The crowd gathered on along Malua St, the excitement was building. Grommets were leaving after a session on body boards, but I was destined for bigger things. I connected the leg rope and launched into a windy and boisterous break. The groyne was working well but the wind and tide action was pushing hard to the north. My arms ached, but I was not to be deterred, success was within reach now. Cameras were out, spotters were trying to call waves for me, but as I paddled at 5pm, I thought of little else but becoming a twilight meal for a bull shark.

    I am most pleased I brought much joy, amusement and mirth to my neighbours and locals. That I barely caught many waves now seems irrelevant when compared with the warm inner glow and sense of overwhelming community spirit that comes from being able to proudly and honestly state that you were part of a select crew that have ridden “The Point”

    I hope Sean that one day we will meet at Foodies and can regale the regulars with stories of riding the bay. That and trying to see if anyone would be willing to lend me a nine six mal that can support my frame a little better that my seven four in less than Waimea Bay like swells……..

    • Good one mate …I’m in Malua Street …………..I’ll keep an eye out for you……you’ve joined the legends like the Duke, Jim Banks, Julian Warne, D C Green….. And now …… “The Lummox”

      Catch you when the surf’s up


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