When life is so thick that hardly any sunlight can make its way through that’s when you need friends. So on a rainy Sunday like today when dark clouds have blocked out the sun it’s  great  being out with friends and making sure the sun comes shining through. 

We have driven to Mount Keira just a few kilometres northwest of the city of Wollongong. The mountain formed as part of the escarpment fold between 80 and 60 million years ago and sits above the city giving fantastic views of the coastline.

As a matter of fact you can see the Kurnell Oil Refinery which is 53 kilometres to the north and the northern headland of Jervis Bay which is 64 kilometres to the south. To the east the horizon is 77 kilometres away.

From the cliff base the mountain slopes down to the surrounding foothills and coastal plain where suburbia reaches up to encroach on the lower slopes.


At the summit is the Mountaintop Restaurant and that’s where we have come to have lunch and fasten a lock  to the railing that runs along the edge of the lookout. We have engraved our names on the lock to symbolise the bond of friendship which exists between us which in some cases dates back 20, 30 and even 50 years.

Happiness comes when we connect deeply with others and when you are with friends a song begins in your heart and although you can’t always remember the words you never forget the tune. It’s what makes you happy.

As friends we meet at least once a week, we show concern when we have problems, we buy gifts on major anniversaries and it’s never a problem to find time should anyone need you. 

We celebrate successes, and offer empathy and good listening during hardships and we are always planning and doing fun activities, going to the movies, dinners out and weekend trips or sometimes just coffee. It can’t last forever but it will last until we are gone.



  1. I enjoyed reading your tribute to friendship. It reminds me how I should be cultivating more of these types of relationships.

    Your ocean side photo is a postcard.

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